How to Design Your Cafe to Look Like Starbucks

Want to Make Your Cafe to Look Like Starbucks ?

Starbuck cafe always be the chosen place for anyone to relax with friends, family or doing any kind of work outside the office environment. A cosy place like Starbucks cafe can help to boost work done and enhance the quality of discussion between team members.

Photo by RR Abrot on Unsplash

Belows are the things you need to take care of to make your cafe look like Starbucks.

1. Choose The Right Colour 

The main colour for a cosy cafe is a brown and dark colour. Brown and dark colour can enhance the feel of belonging onto something. We human are very close to nature , that is why we feel very comfortable and cosy when being in a dark and brown cafe. 

2. Coffee is a Must

When you open a cafe, the most important thing you must have in your cafe are various kind of coffee. This will make your cafe become a suitable place for people who want to focus on finishing their task for the day.

3. Do not Forget to Turn On The Cozy Music

A slow song or music can help your customer become more relax. They will feel a different feeling when relaxing in your cafe while doing their work. This will increase your rapport and business with your customer. The more they feel comfortable, the more your cafe will be profitable.

4. Use Air Conditioner if Your Place Quite Hot

Some of places in asian or europe tend to be quite hot during the day. Your cafe should be the place where all your customer love to get shelter from the hot sun.

5. Comfort is The Key of Starbucks Unique Environment

When you say comfort, you can try to change small things in your such as air conditioner, humidifier, a comfort sofa or chair with suitable fragrance. Fragrance will help increasing your customer happy feels and sense of relax.

6.  Green plant Can Help Boost Your Cafe 

Have you ever heard a man do not like to have green plant in their room? No right, everyone love nature. Thus, putting a little bit touch of nature will help to make your cafe more like a cosy place to eat and reading or relaxing. 

Want to start to make your cafe to look like Starbucks? Share with your friends of family to let them know your cafe are ready to be the next Starbucks.